Dress Code/Uniform

Students at Cape Elementary encourage one another through positive examples in appearance and behavior. This helps create an environment where all students can learn and grow together. No students will be permitted to wear clothing that disrupts or interferes with the educational process. Guidelines for appropriate dress are listed below.

  • Wear safe and protective closed-toe shoes. The following types of shoes are not permitted at school: sandals, flip-flops, high-heel shoes, open toe shoes, platform shoes, slip-on sneakers, shoes without backs, shoes with wheels (heelies).**Crocs with backs are acceptable.
  • Wear clothes that are your size. Fasten pants at your waist or wear a belt as needed.
  • Pants must not extend beyond the shoe; save torn jeans for weekend wear.
  • Skirts and shorts must be at finger tip length or longer. No leggings or bike shorts worn as pants unless a pair of shorts or shirt is worn that is finger tip length or longer.
  • Fasten shirts and blouses. Overall/pant straps must be over both shoulders.
  • Transparent or see-through tops, bare midriff, strapless, low-cut clothing, or tops and outfits that provide minimum coverage or are of a suggestive nature are prohibited.
  • Halter tops, backless dresses or tops, tube tops, spaghetti strap tank tops, or any clothing which may be distracting are prohibited. Tank tops may be worn but must be three finger width wide at shoulder.
  • Undergarments should not be visible.
  • Be aware of clothing or jewelry that might cause harm to you or someone else. The following can be a safety hazard: chains, chokers, bracelets, wallet chains, rings, dangling or hoop earrings.
  • Clothing with slogans or advertising which are conversational or obscene are prohibited. Clothing that promotes the use of alcohol, drugs, tobacco or any illegal activities are prohibited.
  • Let your natural beauty shine: no make-up, no acrylic or press-on nails, no tattoos, no pictures or writing on one's skin.
  • Be considerate when wearing fragrances, such as cologne/perfume. Many students have allergic reactions.
  • Hair must be your natural color, no sparkles, dye, colored extensions, fades with pictures, or feathers added to your natural beauty. Mohawk haircuts are not permitted.

Students must also follow the School District of Lee County Dress Code as listed in The School District of Lee County Parent Guide & Code of Conduct for Students.